Pet Friendly Travel Tips

Pet Friendly Travel Tips

With these pet-friendly travel tips, heading away from home doesn’t have to mean leaving your furry friend behind…

It’s finally summer! The warm weather always inspires more time away from home. Perhaps you have a vacation planned or some weekend getaways but we all know vacations are way more fun when we can bring our four-legged pals!

Here are some planning tips to make sure you all have a wonderful time!

Before You Go

Ensure vaccines are current.

You’ll want to be sure your pets are protected from rabies, heartworm and ticks, especially if you’ll be hiking or camping. Have your furry friend on appropriate treatment, and/or consider the all-natural products from Wondercide. Note that many parks or pet-friendly destinations also require vaccinations to be current and they will want to see your proof of vaccination. Be sure to carry a copy with you!

Have a current ID tag.

You’ll be grateful your friend can quickly be identified if he or she ever gets loose. Make sure each pal has a tag with a current phone number. Confirm with your vet if your pet is microchipped, and that the contact information associated with the chip is still correct.

Have an emergency plan.

Bring your vet’s information with you just in case and scout out some vet clinics so you know exactly where to go should a pet emergency arise! Here are a few emergency vet clinics in our area:

Don’t forget the essentials.

Bowls, leash, waste bags, toys, blanket, bed, crate and medications will all be needed. We like bringing a pet-friendly water-bottle like the Kurgo D Bottle Bowl for less messy adventuring! No need to pack bulky food, The Clever Critter has the premium goods!

Be sure your pets have good manners.

Consider whether your pet will make a good travel companion. If they are overly anxious or aggressive towards strangers it may just be better for them – and less stressful for you – to leave them in the care of family, a pet sitter, or a boarding facility.

Hitting the Road

Buckle up!

Make sure your furry friend is in a travel carrier or crate, or has a seatbelt harness. Don’t let them roam free in the car, for your safety and theirs!

Take frequent breaks.

Your pet will appreciate a break every 2-3 hours to stretch their legs, use the bathroom and drink some water. After all, they can’t ask “are we there yet?”

Keep calm (and carry a squeaky toy).

If your pal has some mild travel anxiety a calming aid coupled with a favorite toy and blanket can help. We recommend Ark Naturals Happy Traveler Soft Chews!

Never leave pets in the car!

It may seem obvious but it is so important! NEVER leave your pets in the car. Summer temps can bring the internal temperature of your car to a sizzling 160 degrees!

Check airline requirements.

If you do plan to travel by air, always check the regulations and requirements regarding pet travel and safety for the specific airline you’ll be flying.

Check lodging requirements.

Make sure the places you plan to stay are pet friendly. Ask if there are any additional fees, breed or size restrictions when planning your trip.  A well-behaved pet is welcome at these hotels near us:

Woodstock Inn Shop Dog
Woodstock Inn’s Shop Dog, Tucker

At Your Destination

Keep routines.

As much as possible, try to stick to your furry family members’ usual exercise and feeding routines. This may be tough on vacation, so if this isn’t totally possible, at least be sure to fit in plenty of walks and play time.

Plan pet friendly activities.

Try to incorporate your pet into as many activities as you can so they aren’t left alone in a strange place. At your destination, do some research to find all the best local places that are pet friendly. Many hiking trails are great options and restaurants and pubs (especially those with outdoor seating) will welcome well-behaved companions. Here are a few of our local favorites:

Twin Barns Dog
Twin Barns Brewery Enthusiast
Pemi House Patio Dog
Pemi House visitor stopping to smell the flowers

If you happen to be passing through N. Woodstock, NH be sure to visit us at The Clever Critter Pet Shop & Bakery for a little corn hole toss, pet bakery treats, cold drinks, and pet-friendly treasures!

Road trips with your pet may take a little extra planning, but sharing them with your beloved friends can make your time away from home even more enjoyable. Wherever you roam this summer we hope these pet-friendly travel tips ensure you ALL have safe and happy travels!